Romance on the Beach

All About Gabi & Ricardo, Casey & Sara, and Sean & Emily

Gabi Martinez & Ricardo Torres

Casey Mitchum & Sara Cummings

Sean Richards & Emily Davis

Actor Biography

  • Timothy Adams
  • Shawn Batten
  • Hank Cheyne
  • Priscilla Garita
  • Cristi-Ellen Harris
  • Randy Spelling

    Character History

  • Gabi Martinez
  • Ricardo Torres
  • Casey Mitchum (Updated)
  • Sara Cummings(Updated)
  • Emily Davis(Updated)
  • Sean Richards(Updated)

    Chat Transcripts

  • Priscilla Garita
  • Randy Spelling
  • Hank Cheyne & Priscilla Garita

    First Contact

  • Gabi & Ricardo
  • Casey & Sara(Updated)
  • Sean & Emily (Updated)

    Just For Fun

  • Bi-Monthly Trivia Question (Updated!)
  • Rules to Survive A Soap Opera
  • Keeper Of The Kisses(No longer being updated)

    Fan Fiction

  • Day in the Life of Gabi
  • Day in the Life of Ricardo/Part 2
  • Day in the Life of Casey/Part 2
  • Day in the Life of Sara
  • Day in the Life of Sean/Part 2
  • Day in the Life of Emily
  • Sunset Beach Fan Fiction (Lisa keeps a list of all the fan fiction ever written by various people. Updated regularly.)

    Favorite SB Related Links

  • MediaDomain (SB Discussion Group)
  • AMC Pages (SB Discussion Group)
  • Sunset Central (A very complete Sunset Beach Fan Page)
  • Michael & Bernard's SB Fan Page (Another very complete Sunset Beach Fan Page)

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